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Block Making Plant

The whole block making plant line mainly consists of batching machine, concrete mixer, block forming machine system, etc. Generally speaking, it is fully automatic, and the whole line needs seven or eight people.

It is intelligently controlled by PLC computer and adopts hydraulic transmission and vibration pressure forming. The computer can randomly adjust the parameters according to the needs of producing different products and different materials. According to the user's production requirements, different types and specifications of molds can be selected to produce various concrete wall blocks, porous bricks, parking grass grass bricks, pavement bricks, and hydraulic and hydraulic products, etc.

  • Stationary Block Making Plant

    Stationary Block Making Plant

    Camelway sells all kinds of stationary block making plants, semi-automatic or full automactic. What's more, it also supplies small concrete batching plants that used for offering raw material for the block machine. As a professional concrete machine manufacturer, it has lots of experience on this stuff.Concrete blocks is a kind of normal material…

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  • Mobile Block Making Plant

    Mobile Block Making Plant

    Mobile Block Making Plant is transfered by a trailer, which is safe and convenient. The whole process of concrete block production needs crusher, mixer, blocking making plant and palletizing machine.The raw materials are crushed by the crusher. After the mixer is evenly mixed, the prepared materials are sent to the upper silo by the conveyor belt…

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  • QT8-15 Automatic Vibrating Press

    QT8-15 Automatic Vibrating Press

    QT8-15 Automatic Vibrating Press is quite popular among almost client because of stable performance. There are some factors are the key points of facts.1. Forming machine frame: welded by section steel and special equipment.2. Guide post: The surface is chrome plated with good torsion and wear resistance.3. Mould cavity and indenter: electro-…

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  • QT6-15 Automatic Vibrating Press

    QT6-15 Automatic Vibrating Press

    As a professional cement brick machine manufacturer, Camelway walks far on the technology research and introduced foreign technology.The QT6-15 automatic cement brick machine is improved on its optimization design, reasonable structure, compulsory cloth, and acceleration of vibration and pressure. It is a set of block forming machine that…

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  • QT4-15B Full-Automatic Vibrating Press

    QT4-15B Automatic Cement Brick Machine

    QT4-15B automatic cement brick machine adopts four-bar guide mode and guide bearing to ensure the accurate movement of the upper mold process. It adopts strong steel and welding technology to ensure high quality, the table vibration combinates with oil top pressure, and the concrete is fully liquefied and exhausted within two to three seconds to…

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  • QT3-15 Semi-Automatic Vibrating Press

    QT3-15 Semi-Automatic Vibrating Press

    QT3-15 Semi-Automatic Vibrating Press is light and portable, it saves lots of energy consumption with high working efficiency. It can be used to produce various types of wall tiles, such as standard bricks, porous bricks, and hollow bricks, I-shaped bricks, grass-planting bricks, blind bricks, etc.QT3-15 Semi-Automatic Vibrating Press…

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  • Vibration Block Making Machine

    Vibration Block Making Machine

    Vibration Block Making Machine has a strong adaptability that is quite versatile. It is not only suitable for the production of concrete blocks, but also for the production of blocks of fly ash, slag, and other materials. Besides, it has different molds, such as bricks, hollow bricks, porous bricks, etc.Vibration Block Making Machine molds presses…

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