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QT6-15 Automatic Vibrating Press

QT6-15 Automatic Vibrating Press5.0Excellent

We Camelway Machinery Design, Manufacture and Sell QT6-15 Automatic Vibrating Press and Related Construction Machines with competitive prices and guaranteed quality. We have customer stories across the total Asia, If you have any questions about this equipment, please don't hesitate to contact us!


How do think of this machine?

As a professional cement brick machine manufacturer, Camelway walks far on the technology research and introduced foreign technology.

The QT6-15 automatic cement brick machine is improved on its optimization design, reasonable structure, compulsory cloth, and acceleration of vibration and pressure. It is a set of block forming machine that integrates efficiency, economy and application.

Its land area is about 8000㎡, including 500㎡ for production, 100㎡ for office and 6600㎡ for site. 8 workers are required. The production water is 5-8 tons / day, 380V power, the total installed capacity is 60KW, and the average efficiency is 38KW.

Main features of QT6-15 automatic cement brick machine:

 1. PLC programming control, full production automation, it can also be manual, electric control.

 2. The four-bar guide and long guide bearing ensure the movement of the indenter and the mold.

 3. The machine body is made of strong steel and special welding technology and materials, which is strong and shockproof.

 4. Quickly change the mold, can produce concrete products of different specifications and shapes such as pavement bricks, curbstones, blocks, hollow bricks, etc.

 5. The computers, electrical appliances, seals, and some hydraulic components, the comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable and reliable.

 6. Mechanical transmission, compact structure, convenient maintenance, flexible operation and good reliability.

 7. Up and down pressure is powerful with vibration, especially suitable for the production of load-bearing high-strength blocks, the strength can reach 20MPa.

 8. Block products have high strength, good density, accurate appearance and regular shape.

 9. Widely used for large amount of fly ash and waste residue.

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