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Camelway 50m3/h Concrete Batching Plant for Sale


HZS50 concrete mixing plant is a simple configuration method of 60 mixing plants, mainly composed of feeding, batching, mixing, electrical control and steel structure components, semi-automatic concrete mixing plants, which occupy less capital than 60 mixing plants, occupy a small area, and configure equipment It is the ideal station equipment for bridge construction, road engineering, construction site and component companies.

Mixing system:

◆50 mixing station adopts JS1000 double-horizontal shaft forced mixing host, which has good mixing homogeneity and stable and reliable operation.

◆The mixing system consists of a motor, a reducer, a transmission device, a mixing device, a mixing cylinder, an oil supply system, etc.

◆It can be used to mix various concretes with dry hardness, fluidity, lightweight aggregate concrete and other proportions, as well as various types of mortar.

◆The mixer has good mixing quality, short mixing time, low operating noise, reasonable structure, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Sand and gravel batching system:

◆The batching machine of 50 mixing station is PLD1600, which is composed of feeding device, weighing system, conveying device, electrical control system, etc.

◆According to actual needs, it can be equipped with a 4-cell batcher with 4 materials or a 3-cell batcher with 3 materials.

◆PLD1600 is an inverted "product" design structure, and the weighing system adopts a lever and electronic sensor, which makes the measurement more accurate and fast.

Conveyor system:

◆The aggregate conveying system of the 50 mixing station adopts the lifting bucket conveying method. Its biggest advantage is that it occupies a small space and saves land resources.

◆Sand and gravel aggregates are conveyed to the weighing system by the belt conveyor, and then conveyed to the lifting bucket of the mixing host after weighing.

◆Belt conveyor adopts high-quality conveyor belt, which has the characteristics of long conveying distance, stable operation, high continuity and long service life.

◆The batching and operation process of aggregate is: batching machine silo→weighing hopper→mixer lifting bucket→mixing host.

Weighing system:

◆The metering system of 50 mixing station consists of water scale, additive scale, powder scale and aggregate scale.

◆The aggregate and powder materials are weighed by weight. The structure of the sand-gravel aggregate scale includes a belt scale and a bucket scale; the powder scale adopts a bucket scale.

◆Mixing water and additives are generally measured with a flow meter or with a bucket scale.

Powder silo and conveying system:

◆The powder storage bin and conveying system are composed of cement bin and screw conveyor.

◆The running process is: powder silo → screw conveyor → powder weighing hopper → mixing host.

1. Cement warehouse

◆The cement silo is a steel structure, consisting of a cylinder, a bracket, a valve, an arch breaking device, a feed pipe, and a dust collector on the roof of the silo.

◆The powder is fed into the silo through the feed pipe by air pressure, and the pressure gas generated in the silo is discharged through the dust collector on the silo top.

◆There are upper and lower material level indicators in the cement silo, which can display the empty and full status of the silo.

2. Screw conveyor

◆Screw conveyor is responsible for conveying the powder in the powder silo to the conveying equipment of the powder metering hopper.

◆It is mainly composed of pipe body, inlet and outlet pipe, screw shaft, intermediate support seat, power transmission device, etc., with high transmission rate, good sealing performance, no dust pollution, and can be assembled in sections for easy transportation.

Centralized control system:

◆The control system of 50 mixing plant is controlled by computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to master. The high-precision batching control instrument is adopted, the batching is accurate and stable, the calculation method is reliable, and the error is effectively controlled.

◆Dynamic panel display, can clearly understand the operation of each part, and can store and print report data. It can also be equipped with a monitoring system, the interface is intuitive, and the on-site work flow can be observed clearly and accurately.

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