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Advantages of Ready-Mixed Mortar

Thomas Huang posted this article in August 11, 2020

The so-called ready-mixed mortar refers to a mixture composed of cement, sand, external additives, mineral admixtures, etc., in a certain proportion, after centralized metering, and transported and used by special equipment for building masonry and plastering And other purposes. According to the production method of mortar, ready-mixed mortar is divided into wet-mixed mortar and dry-mixed mortar. Dry-mix mortar is divided into ordinary dry-mix mortar and special dry-mix mortar. Ordinary dry-mix mortar is mainly used for masonry, plastering, ground and general waterproofing projects, while special dry-mix mortar refers to mortar with special performance requirements, which can be roughly divided into tile bonding mortar, wear-resistant floor mortar, and interface treatment mortar , Special waterproof mortar, self-leveling mortar, grouting mortar, external thermal insulation bonding mortar and plastering mortar, polystyrene particle thermal insulation mortar and inorganic aggregate thermal insulation mortar. The application of ready-mixed mortar makes the construction environmentally friendly, mechanized and simplified, saves resources, eliminates waste and protects the environment.
01 Eliminate environmental pollution and improve working conditions
Bagged cement and sand must be transported several times from leaving the factory to use. During the process of loading, transporting, unloading, disassembling, and using, the dust is flying, polluting the environment, and the labor intensity is extremely high, the working environment is harsh, and the ready-mixed mortar The use of it greatly reduces labor intensity, improves working conditions, protects the environment and protects the health of workers.
The construction of ready-mixed mortar can also be called "bubble noodle" construction. It can directly replace sand, cement, and manual roller mixing on site to prevent random mixing and loss of raw materials from affecting the quality of the building.
03Reduce cement loss
The bagged cement has to be transported at least 3 times from leaving the factory to use. It must be unpacked during use. The paper bag is damaged and the residual cement loss of the paper bag is more than 5%. The construction with ready-mixed mortar is sealed and transported due to loading and unloading. Dust operation, cement loss is below 0.5%.
04Quality comparison
After 3 months of storage, the bagged cement will lose 15%-20% of its strength due to moisture, and the strength of 6 months will lose 20%-30%. After a period of storage, the early strength of the bagged cement will be reduced to 70% of that of the ground cement. -80%, and the ready-mixed mortar is placed in the storage container, the outside air temperature and humidity have little effect on it, so it can be stored for a long time without reducing its strength. Tests have shown that it can be stored in a relatively sealed container for 13 months. Mix the mortar, the quality remains unchanged.
05 Save labor and improve labor productivity
From production and packaging to unpacking on site, bagged cement has many links and takes up a lot of labor, and labor productivity is underground. Ready-mixed mortar can double or even dozens of times to increase efficiency and save labor.
06Improve transportation capacity
The ready-mixed mortar uses mechanized loading and unloading, which saves a lot of loading and unloading time, improves the transportation capacity and accelerates the turnover.
 07 Accurate dose
The ratio of raw materials has undergone strict measurement control, and the use of advanced mechanized production and construction can make the product exert greater performance.
 08Reduce storage space
A 30-ton ready-mixed mortar silo occupies only about 5 square meters, which can be relocated as required by the construction site. A 30-ton bagged cement and sand storage yard covers an area of more than 40 square meters and cannot be relocated. Ready-mixed mortar takes up almost no space and can be used freely.
09 can work around the clock
The loading, unloading, transportation and construction of ready-mixed mortar are almost independent of the climate, and can be operated around the clock to ensure the progress of the project, while the bagged cement is difficult to load, unload and construct in rain and snow.
With the development of construction technology, people's requirements for construction efficiency, environmental protection and construction quality continue to increase. It is a general trend to replace the on-site cement and mortar with industrially produced ready-mixed mortar.

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