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Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

Clare posted this article in May 16, 2020

Actually, it's very simple to mix concrete. In the era when there is no mechanical equipment, manpower can also mix concrete, only the asphalt mixing plant manufacturers need to master the ratio of various materials. With the development of modern society, the demand for concrete in modern construction is huge, and there is a demand for concrete with special properties from various users. This requires efficient, professional and automated asphalt mixing plant equipment.

Camelway Asphalt Mixing Plant is highly efficient and productive, which is very suitable for business owners who want to have a simple process asphalt plant at this stage and can upgrade and customize it later. The work of these asphalt stations can range from very basic to more advanced.

asphalt mixing plant

1. Production capacity: 200 tons / hour

2. The screen uses a sturdy vibration motor to distribute the aggregate evenly on the screen surface

3. Unique design, overall design of hoist and mixing building, low transportation and transfer costs

4. The user can choose a coal-fired burner to keep the equipment running at a low cost; or choose a fully adjustable burner to set the air-fuel ratio to achieve efficient combustion and pollution control.

5. Directly connected geared motor can reduce fuel and maintenance costs.

6. Complete two-stage dust removal and closed temperature control, using Nomex needle filter material, waterproof and oil dust removal effect meets environmental requirements.

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