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Camelway 0.5cub Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale in Sri Lanka

Clare posted this article in September 20, 2020

Recently, a company ordered the Camelway 0.5cub concrete mixing plant. The cement company has the most modern production line in Sri Lanka, with a monthly production capacity of more than 20,000 cubic meters. In the technological transformation plan that the company has been carrying out since 2019, it announced the construction of a new concrete production line in Colombo and the opening of 3 new concrete mixing plants. The investment amount exceeds one million US dollars.

The customer's requirement is that the concrete mixing plant must meet the highest quality specifications and the most advanced technology, use different types of aggregates, and high productivity to load concrete. In addition, the production of high-quality concrete can be realized more environmentally friendly.

0.5cub concrete mixing plant

Camelway 0.5cub concrete mixing plant for sale in Sri Lanka

  1. Volume m3 / h: 20-24
  2. Mixer: turbocharged -0.75 cubic meters
  3. Aggregate (2-4) C/U: 2.8 m3
  4. Worm gear: 8" x 3m

General characteristics of concrete mixing plant

  1. Convenient and independent weighing system
  2. Robust design
  3. Planetary and vertical shaft mixer
  4. High-quality materials
  5. Minimal maintenance
  6. Easy to transport and fast installation (moving axis)
  7. Simple and reliable operation
  8. Stirrer with screw cap, easy to replace the stirring arm

Concrete mixing plant components

  1. Electric damper
  2. Discharge channel of tower crane bucket or concrete pump
  3. 2 aggregate hoppers with independent belts
  4. Ring screw for cement feeding (optional broken bag hopper)
  5. Feed water pump with suction and drain pipes

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