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Camelway Concrete Mixing Plant Sale in Sri Lanka

Clare posted this article in September 19, 2020

The main goal of Camelway is to make customers and consumers completely satisfied. The concrete production area is equipped with a team of professional and technical personnel for installation and operation training, and high-quality concrete production is completed with the support of the most cutting-edge equipment and machinery.

Sri Lanka is one of Camelway's important markets and there is a huge demand for concrete. Through a continuous portable concrete mixing plant using the most advanced engineering and technology, it provides high-quality concrete mixes for the southern region of the country and uses materials certified to the ISO 9001 standard in its manufacturing components to achieve the highest quality and reliability product.

cocnrete mix plant srilanka

The concrete mixing plant has advanced technology and engineering characteristics, making it unique in the market. They are equipment that can adapt to the requirements of each specific working environment, so they have high performance, and they have the latest technology for computer automatic control of temperature and dosage. Each concrete plant also has manual control.

The plant has a production capacity of 25m³ per hour. It is the first supplier of concrete mixes to public and private entities in the entire southern region.

It has installation teams, technical and operating personnel, can implement all high quality standards and meet all established standards.

Camelway is an experienced concrete plant manufacturer located in central China. It produces high-quality mixing equipment that serves all countries in the world.

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As a professional concrete machine manufacturer, Camelway has focus on research and sell concrete equipment over 39 years, especially for Sri Lanka. It main products includs Concrete batching plants, Asphalt mixing plants, Block making plants, Concrete mixers, Concrete pumps and rebar equipment. If you need any of them, you can contact us to get the catalogue and quote, hope you well.