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Chinese Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale


In the early 1980s, when China's commercial concrete market entered fast development period, the construction machinery industry was poor, and no enterprise could mass-produce a concrete mixing plant with an output of more than 50m³/h. Moreover, due to technical and other reasons, the mixer is not reliable and has a large quality problem. However, the rapid development of China's economy has accelerated the process of infrastructure construction and house renovation, and the demand for concrete has surged.

In view of the good prediction of the development of the Chinese concrete market, a large number of foreign concrete mixing plants have entered the Chinese market. For example, German ELBA and LIEBHERR original products in Shanghai, products of German and Italian companies in Beijing. Along with this, the products of STETTER, SICOMA and other companies have also entered one after another. It was not until the 1990s that many Chinese enterprises began to show signs of development, and began to produce concrete mixing plants. Among them, Camelway was established in Xingyang, Zhengzhou in 1983, and it has continuously developed and expanded from China to the world.

Chinese concrete mixer

The Italian company SICOMA aims at the Chinese concrete mixing plant manufacturing enterprise and enters the Chinese market with its low-cost and high-reliability mainframe products, which is quickly recognized by the market. Afterwards, taking the product price of the Chinese mixer manufacturer as the competitive goal, it invested in domestic production of the mixer and consolidated the market share of its main mixer. In 2006, its concrete mixer output reached the scale of 1,000 units. In addition, the German BHS company also established a factory in Tianjin, and began to produce two-cubic and above large-scale concrete mixers, with an annual output of hundreds of units.

The double-cone type produced by Rcxcon in the United States, the single-horizontal shaft produced by German ELBA company, the double-horizontal shaft produced by BHS company and the vertical shaft vortex type produced by LIEBHERR company, the vertical shaft planetary type produced by Denmark SCACO company. In China, these types of mixers have professional production enterprises producing corresponding types of mixers, and have formed a certain production capacity, but in application, the output below 1m³ is large, mainly based on double cones, and above 1m³ is mainly based on the two horizontal shafts are mainly used, and the domestic and foreign mixers are similar in structure. Especially the imitation traces of the JS series double horizontal shaft forced mixers above 1m³ are obvious, because the mainframes within this model range are many types of mainframes in the mixing building station. .

Now, China's local concrete mixing plant manufacturers have matured and their products are exported to home and abroad. Regardless of quality or price, Chinese concrete mixing plants are very competitive among similar products. As one of China's mixing plant manufacturers, Camelway has been developed almost for nearly 40 years. It always puts the needs of customers first, and has been actively supported by our customers. The business continues to expand, from Uzbekistan to the Philippines, from Sri Lanka to Nigeria , From Honduras to Peru, camelway concrete mixing plant is going to the world.

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