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Chinese Jaw Crushing Machine for Sale

Clare posted this article in May 18, 2020

Although the jaw crusher is simple in design but reliable in operation, it is widely used in many economic fields, especially those that need to grind a variety of mineral and non-mineral materials. The operation principle of the jaw crusher is similar to the chewing movement of the face. Based on the movement of two crushing cheek plates, the processed material is located between the two pressing cheek plates. The material is physically deformed by the compression movement of the working cheeks. The particle size of the processed material depends on the gap between the movable working surface and the fixed working surface. It is the most economical in long-term operation, and it is reliable and stable at the same time.

jaw crushers

Under normal circumstances, the particle size of the crushed material at the entrance should not exceed 1500 mm. At the same time, the particle size at the exit can reach 10 mm. The superb containability makes the jaw crusher can be used in large, medium and small crushing processes.

Compared with other types of crushing equipment, jaw crusher has many advantages. For example, a compact design and a smaller material outlet particle size, which can be said to have a small footprint and good material quality, allowing ueser to effectively use such equipment even in narrow spaces.

Jaw Crusher Performance Characteristics

1. Welding frame structure is firm and reliable. High-quality steel plate welding frame avoids casting defects.

2. Unique flywheel design, effectively reduce vibration, the machine runs more smoothly

3. The adjustment of the discharge port is quicker and more convenient. Discharge port gasket adjustment is simple, reliable and easy to maintain

Camelway is the largest supplier of high-quality industrial equipment from Southeast Asia to China, providing a wide range of vibration crushers. Now, if you need a reasonable price and the best technical and operating characteristics crushing equipment, you can contact us.

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