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How Much Does A Compact Concrete Plant Cost ?


Nowadays most of the construction sites are very busy. Every day, tens of thousands materials are transported on the construction site. At the same time, various departments on the construction site is very busy. However, people with experience in the past will find the difference on the construction site that it has been rare to see the workers mixing the cement by themselves. In the past, we always saw a cement pit, and the workers worked hard to mix, but now this situation is almost gone. Workers will be uniformly sent to work in the concrete mixing plant. Why people purchases concrete mixing plant to replace workers ?

First of all, different construction sites now have different requirements for concrete mixing plants. Just one building requires more than a dozen different types of cement, and it is difficult for workers to meet this standard. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of concrete, this kind of work must be given to a more standard and more professional way of operation, which can guarantee the quality of concrete.

compact concrete plant

Secondly, mixing cement itself is also an act that easily produces pollution, which is likely to cause harm to the human body. Professional concrete mixing plant not only mixes concrete more precise, but also has better weight control. And it will save part of the cost on the material, and it can also speed up the overall progress of the construction project. In addition, the concrete mixing plant does not take up too much space for stacking materials, so that there are more spare positions on the construction site for scheduling.

What is a concrete mixing plant?

Concrete batching plant or concrete mixing plant is a machine used to mix different components such as mortar (cement or lime, sand, water) or concrete. There are different classifications of concrete mixing plants, mobile or fixed batching plant, dry or wet concrete plants, and concrete mixers are also divided into horizontal or vertical shafts.

How does the concrete plant work?

Concrete consists of a mixture of sand, gravel, cement, water and additives. A concrete plant stores different cements and additives (filler types) in silos and use screw conveyors to incorporate them. The aggregates (sand and gravel) are stored in the batching bin, and after weighing, they are fed into the mixer using a belt conveyor or hopper. The proportion of all materials is strictly controlled by the computer, combined with the feeding height, the discharge time is set reasonably.

With more than thirty years of production experience in concrete batching plants, in order to make our customers work more easily, Camelway provides compact mixing plants. Due to its compact design, customers can easily transport and assemble.

A compact concrete plant or a multi-task batch plant is a machine that can work simultaneously with our concrete plant, brick machine, etc. without additional equipment. The concrete mixing plant is reasonably priced and can produce various types of concrete according to demand, adapting to various complex working environments.

Compact concrete plants have many advantages, including reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs, elimination of certain requirements compared to energy requirements, easy maintenance and quick maintenance, and only a small amount of manpower to operate.

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