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Concrete Batching Plant for Block Factory


Concrete mixing plant equipment is a combined device used to mix concrete in a centralized manner, also known as a precast concrete plant. Because of its high degree of mechanization and automation, the productivity is also high, and it can ensure the quality of concrete and save cement. It is often used in large and medium-sized water conservancy, electric power, and bridge projects with large concrete works, long construction periods, and concentrated construction sites.

Concrete mixing plant equipment is a building material manufacturing equipment consisting of a mixing host, a material weighing system, a material conveying system, a material storage system, a control system and other auxiliary facilities. The main principle of its work is to use cement as a cementing material. The sand, lime, coal cinder and other raw materials are mixed and stirred, and finally made into concrete, which is used as a wall material for construction and production.

concrete block batching plants

Concrete Block Making Machine

In the United States and Japan, building blocks have become the main products of wall materials, respectively accounting for 34% and 33% of the total wall materials. In European countries, the proportion of concrete blocks used in wall materials is about 10%-30%. Various specifications, varieties and colors are complete, and perfect concrete block product standards, application standards and construction specifications have been formulated. Blocking making machine is used to produce all kinds of concrete blocks.

Block production line generally consists of concrete mixing plant, block forming machine, block maintenance and block stacking machine. Due to the different production scale and supporting degree of the block production line, the main engine and the supporting equipment are also very different. Therefore, the block production equipment should be selected reasonably according to the output, investment and other factors when preparing the block factory.

Concrete Mixer for Concrete Block Production

The JS twin-shaft mixer is especially suitable for the mixing work of roller compacted concrete, so all kinds of cement precast parts, concrete bricks, and also refractory bricks in the refractory industry will choose to use this kind of mixer. It also has advantages in mixing steel fiber concrete, foam concrete, colored concrete, and dry mortar. Because the mixing strength is sufficient, the mixing quality is outstanding.

concrete bricks production plant

Concrete Block Batching Plant for Sale

For concrete block production lines of different scales, multiple types of concrete mixers, batching plants, and batching machines are needed. If you want to invest in a small and medium-sized block production line, I recommend you to use a compact hopper-type cocnrete mixing plant equipped with a two-bin batching machine. It not only has a small footprint, but also has a more suitable cost.

If you want to invest in a large brick factory or aerated concrete production line, I suggest that you first consider the efficiency and quality of the equipment rather than the price, because this is a long-term return project. In this case, the large-scale fully automatic concrete mixing plant can meet all concrete production requirements.

Camelway has successfully provided thousands of special block mixing plants for concrete block equipment plants. It has rich experience in how to match block plants with reasonable mixing plants. No matter what size block production line you want to invest in, it can help you design the most practical solution, try it.

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