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Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant, Stationary Concrete Plant


Normally, concrete batching plant is a large-scale construction equipment, which is composed of batching machine, cement silo, mixer, control system and so on. Concrete batching plant also calls concrete mixing plant that has different levels of automation and different capacities.

You may ask why mixing is used instead of batching in the name, because in some places there are batching plant without mixers, especially in South America. The batching plant is just a weighing and mixing machine for various ingredients. The real mixing process takes place during the transportation of the mixer truck. In other words, the batching plant is a combination of various parts. Machines for material storage, weighing, transportation, mixing, and unloading can be configured according to our own needs. People accepts different names for batching plants when producing different products. For example, when producing wet concrete, it is called a wet concrete mixing plant, otherwise it is a dry concrete mixing plant.

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What is the difference between a dry concrete mixing plant and a wet concrete mixing plant?

The dry concrete batching plant is specializing in the production of pre-mixed dry powder mortar that is a material used for plastering action in construction projects. It is a building material that obtained by mixed sand, cement and additives. A sand sieve and a dryer are added to dry the sand.

The wet concrete batching plant is specialized in the production of commercial concrete. The commercial concrete is a building material that is the main material in construction engineering. It is a building material made of sand, stone, cement, and additives.

Type of concrete mixing plant

The types of concrete mixing plants are various, but generally divided into two main types, mobile concrete mixing plants and fixed concrete mixing plants.

The structure of the mobile mixing plant is more complicated, and the output is relatively small. The mobile concrete mixing plant with the same output and configuration, usually more expensive than that of stationary batching plant. But it has better mobility and can be transferred at any time according to the needs of the project. Moreover, the mobile concrete plant does not require a ground foundation, and most of the components have been installed at the factory, so it can be quickly entered into the work. Its biggest disadvantage is its low production capacity. Of course, if the concrete output you need is not large, the mobile concrete mixing plant can fully meet your needs.

The fixed concrete mixing plant has a large size and high output, and can produce high-specification concrete. As a large-scale project construction site, the fixed concrete mixing plant site is planned in advance, and the division of each functional area is relatively clear. Both environmental protection and living areas have high standards. Generally, the fixed concrete mixing plant is used for long-term concrete projects without frequent moving of the site. 

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