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Concrete Brick Forming Machine for Sale in Sri Lanka


Analysis of concrete forming equipment on pavement bricks

Concrete pavement bricks are concrete products that made of cement, aggregate and water as the main raw materials. Such as bricks and pavement slab for ground engineering, which are produced by mixing, molding, curing and other concrete molding equipment technologies.

According to its shape, it is divided into ordinary concrete pavement bricks and special concrete pavement bricks (including concrete interlocking blocks); according to its specifications and size, it's divided into concrete pavement bricks and concrete pavement panels; according to its constituent materials, it is divided into surface concrete pavement bricks and Monolithic concrete pavement bricks.

pavement bricks

Product features of concrete brick making machine: 

Concrete pavement brick is a new type of pavement and ground material that is prefabricated and laid on site, and integrates function, landscape and environmental protection.

The main application of pavement brick produced by concrete brick machine:

1) Sidewalks and walking roads in the city;

2) Plaza and parking lot;

3) Coastal avenues such as lakes (rivers) and seaports;

4) Passage zone of highway gas station parking lot and highway to parking lot;

5) Roads and parking lots for infrastructure such as ports and docks

Camelway manufactured concrete machine for almost 40 years, it supply high efficiency concrete batching plant and brick making machine for all kinds concrete products, contact us to get price list if you want to invest it.

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