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How Much is a Concrete Block Making Plant


Camelway is a manufacturer of concrete brick machines, specializing in providing total concrete solutions. We apply for a patent to design and manufacture all concrete presses and various machines for concrete equipment. Camelway offers many different models of brick making machines with output ranging from 500 to 4400 blocks per hour. In addition, we also produce concrete mixing plants equipped with the most advanced systems, which can produce various types of concrete components.

Camelway was founded in 1983, specializing in the production of concrete mixing plants equipment. It is one of the leading manufacturers of concrete block machines in China for more than 30 years, producing and selling concrete block machines. We produce various types of concrete block machines, such as concrete block forming machine, concrete block machine mortar double chamber machine. The automation type of concrete block machine is different, there are full automatic concrete brick machine, semi-automatic concrete brick machine and manual concrete brick machine.

concrete brick forming machine

As a manufacturer and exporter of concrete machinery, we have rich experience in solutions to help customers around the world to build a variety of concrete block machines. It can be a small factory (without silos and hoppers) or a complete factory (with hoppers), as well as optional forklifts, lifts with 6 to 10 plates or pallets with automatic palletizing, compressor area and generator. Concrete brick machine allows you to make the following blocks: paving blocks, concrete blocks, bricks. This is a very versatile installation, easy to install and easy to use. The capacity of the concrete mixer varies between 0.5 cubic meters and 3cubic meters per hour. Our machines are located in many countries including Sri Lanka, India, Palau, Maldives, and Southeast Asian countries.

Camelway concrete brick machine has low power consumption and low maintenance cost, and advanced technical equipment guarantees high output of the machine. Facts have proved that it can meet all types of demand and standard concrete block production, and constantly win customers' repurchase.

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