19:46:31 PM 5/16, 2021

Concrete Mixing Plant Cement Silo for Sale


The cement silo of the concrete mixing plant needs to shake the dust collector equipment of the bulk cement silo. Once the bag filter is blocked, it will cause the bulk cement silo to burst.

In the use of the cement silo of the engineering concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to supply powder to the cement silo through an air rope. Because of the continuous air supply into the cement silo, the air pressure in the cement silo will continue to rise. At this time, the bag-type dust collector on the top of the silo will discharge the accumulated air to maintain the balance of the cement silo. In the process of using the dust collector, we need to constantly press the button and shake the dust collector to let the dust in the bag fall down to prevent it from being blocked.

The phenomenon of cement warehouse explosion

Once the dust collector of the cement silo has a problem, it will cause the cement to leak. The price of cement is not cheap, and even worse, it pollutes the environment. Leakage of cement silo often occurs, on the one hand, improper operation, and on the other hand, the quality of the cement silo is problematic. Camelway advises everyone not to buy inferior mixing plant equipment cheaply to avoid the above tragedy.

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