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Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale with Accurate Sensor


The weighing sensor in the concrete batching plant is very different from the general commercial measuring electronic scale, because it is in very harsh operating conditions, the surrounding environment is very complicated, and there is greater randomness.

The load cell is affected a lot at the construction site, especially the ambient temperature and humidity. The concrete mixing plant is usually installed in the open air, and the sensor may be exposed to the sun and rain, and the temperature changes drastically. Many construction projects are in mountainous or remote areas with very harsh natural conditions. Therefore, a larger temperature range and higher humidity conditions must be considered. Concrete needs water during the production process, and a lot of water vapor will also be generated during the water transportation and weighing process, which will form a relatively humid environment in a certain small range. In temperature-controlled mixing, there are different requirements for high temperature conditions and low temperature conditions. When running in low temperature conditions in summer, cold air below zero is required.

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Concrete mixing plant sensors are mainly divided into pressure sensors and tension sensors. Where there is weighing, sensors are needed to transmit data. Generally, there are 15 sensors in the concrete mixing plant, 4 for water weighing, and 3 for additives, ordinary batching machine needs 4 weighing, 4 for cement weighing.

The concrete mixing plant produced by Camelway uses high-efficiency sensors to ensure the accuracy of the data transmitted by the sensors. It is favored by customers, especially large-scale construction projects, which often require high-quality concrete.

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