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Concrete Mixing Plant History and Manufacturer

Clare posted this article in September 07, 2020

Concrete mixing plant is a kind of concrete mixing equipment that measures cement, water, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and other materials in accordance with the requirements of the concrete ratio and mixes them into qualified concrete, including material transportation, metering, storage, mixing, and auxiliary And control system and other parts.

Concrete mixing plants are mainly used for railways, kilometers, bridges, airports, tunnels, hydropower and water conservancy projects, civil engineering, mining and civil construction, as well as commercial concrete and concrete products production.

There are many layouts of concrete mixing plants with different specifications. For example, it can be divided into hydraulic station, nuclear power station, high-speed rail station, pipe pile station, engineering station and commercial mixed station according to different purposes; according to the convenience of relocation, it can be divided into mobile station and fixed station; according to the number of mainframe configurations, it can be divided into It is a dual station and a single station.

Development history of concrete mixing plant

In 1796, the British Aspidin invented "Portland Cement" and the British J.parker (J.parker) invented "Roman Cement", the concrete mixing plant was born. In the early days, the mixing form of concrete batching plant was single-machine mixing. After commercial concrete was applied, it really entered centralized mixing mode.

Germany used commercial concrete in the early days. The world's first commercial concrete mixing plant was established in Staspel in 1903. In the initial stage of the construction of the station, dump trucks or motorized dump trucks were used to transport concrete, which made it difficult to guarantee the quality of concrete. From the 1960s to the 1970s, the economies of all countries in the world developed rapidly, and commercial concrete also developed rapidly. By 1973, there were 3,533 commercial concrete mixing plants in Japan and 10,000 concrete mixing plants in the United States. From the 1980s to the 1990s, Japan's commercial concrete dropped by 21% compared to 1973, and it was becoming saturated. So far, the number of mixing plants in Japan has remained at around 5,000.

concrete mixing plant

World-renowned concrete mixing plant manufacturer

In the 20th century, the African mixing plant market prospered, and well-known mixing plant manufacturers from all over the world have entered the African market. Various professional concrete manufacturers have established concrete distribution points around the world to improve high-quality and high-standard concrete.

The famous European mixing plant manufacturers include ELKON, Vince hagan, Umman, MEKA. The famous Chinese mixing plant suppliers include SANY, CAMELWAY, AIMIX. In South America, the famous Spanish mixing plant manufacturers include sotecma, gag-group, altroningenieria, domat, etc.

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