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Small Concrete Batching Plant for Sale


Camelway produces small concrete mixing plants. The concrete mixing plants price are good and batching plants perform well on site. In addition, it sells various kinds of new concrete mixing plants, mobile truck mixers, second-hand on-site concrete batching plants, 20-540m3 concrete plants, Asian concrete mixing plants, and compact concrete mixing plants.

Small concrete mixing plant

Small concrete plants are ideal for small construction companies or entrepreneurs who want to start a concrete manufacturing business. A small mobile concrete mixing plant with an output of 15 cubic meters per hour. The mixer unloads 0.5 square meters per hour, equipped with a two-bin batching machine and a fully automatic control system. As a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, Camelway concrete mixing plant is the guarantee of quality, durability and reliability.

concrete mixing plant

Mobile truck concrete plant

What is a self-loading mixer truck? What is a concrete sand washer? What is the price of the concrete mixer truck? What is the price of concrete mixer truck per cubic meter of concrete? How much does it cost to buy or rent a concrete pump? Find out the price of each cubic meter of concrete to be used in the mixer truck and the price of the concrete mixer.

What is a concrete tank truck? In fact, concrete mixer trucks deliver ready-mixed concrete to the site. Concrete mixer truck is also called mixer truck. The delivery of ready-mixed concrete will make it easier for you to perform concrete-based work, pouring concrete slabs, foundations for houses, terraces or garage slabs.

mixer truck

What is the principle of mixing concrete in a mixer truck? 

Depending on the concrete you want, the cement plant will use the correct dosage of concrete for you. The mixer only needs to transport the concrete to your house to ensure that the concrete is properly mixed with its rotating tank to avoid separation.

Therefore, for construction sites that require large amounts of concrete, a concrete mixer can be eliminated. This is the advantage of using self-loading concrete mixer truck:

  1. Ease of use of ready-mixed concrete: You no longer waste time renting a concrete mixer, purchasing raw materials and calculating the correct amount of concrete.
  2. The quality of the concrete in the mixer: aggregates and additives have been added at the plant's exit.
  3. Saves time: the delivered concrete is directly available and does not require you to do anything else.
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