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Environmental protection crushing sand production line with an annual output of 1 million tons

Angela posted this article in July 18, 2020

The client is a large building materials company, whose products are widely used in highways, high-rise buildings, hydroelectric dams and other fields, and enjoy a high reputation in the market. Before this cooperation, the customer repeatedly emphasized the environmental protection of the production line. In order to ensure that the production process of the project was green and pollution-free, when designing the plan, the engineer adopted a variety of pollution control methods scientifically and ingeniously, and simultaneously adopted spraying, dust removal and reduction. Noise and other devices effectively control dust and noise.

Limestone sand production site

The finished product produced by this project is mainly supplied to a concrete engineering company in Shandong. The customer has very high requirements for the quality of the finished aggregate. For this reason, Liming Heavy Industry has equipped the customer with an upgraded VSI6X sand making machine and HPT cone crusher. The project is in actual operation Among them, the finished aggregate has beautiful grain shape, reasonable gradation, and adjustable fineness modulus, which is comparable to natural sand. Customers are very satisfied.

Project Overview

Material: Limestone

Production capacity: 1 million tons/year

Finished product specifications: 0-3mm (exquisite machine-made sand), 3-8mm (melon seeds), 8-31.5mm (pebbles)

Processing technology: fixed

Finished product use: supply concrete mixing plant

Equipment configuration: cone crusher + vibrating screen + impact sand making machine (2 sets) + vibrating screen (3 sets) V+ sand washing machine (3 sets) + several conveyors

Project Benefits

1. Advanced equipment and intelligent operation

The project adopts camelway's advanced equipment and intelligent production line design. Customers can complete the control of the entire production line's operating conditions in the control room to ensure production stability.

2. Green and environmental protection, stable environmental assessment

The project uses wet production, and the manufacturer has arranged a sedimentation tank for it to effectively recycle the sewage. In addition, the project is produced in a semi-sealed environment, equipped with multiple professional dust collectors, and the belt conveyor is covered with a dust cover. Measures such as spraying are taken simultaneously during the production process to effectively control the dust.

Limestone sand washing equipment

3. Large production capacity and high value of finished products

The design capacity of the production line is 1 million tons/year, which fully meets the requirements of customers for output. In addition, the project produces 3 kinds of materials. The aggregates are of high quality and good grain shape, which can completely replace natural sand and be used in various industries, and the price is also high.

4. Fast return on cost and high return

The production line can run for up to 20 hours a day, and there is no pressure at night. According to user feedback, the cost has been recovered in about half a year, and it has entered a state of high profitability.

5. Perfect service, more assured investment

Customers have visited Liming Heavy Industry many times. Liming Heavy Industry's business personnel and engineers warmly received and explained in detail each time, helping users design production plans for free, and even dedicated installation and training. After-sales personnel are on call 24 hours a day!


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