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Guid How to Configure Sand Production Line

Thomas Huang posted this article in September 04, 2020

With the decrease of natural sand, the market of manufactured sand has shown great potential and vitality.Especially in recent years, the demand of construction market is tremendous, which promotes the rapid development of sandstone market.So how to configure the machine-made sand production line?
The stone production line mainly uses a series of stone crushing equipment to crush the stone, and produces artificial sand such as sand and aggregate.The equipment configuration of different production lines is different and two basic principles should be followed when configuring:
1. Understand material characteristics and requirements
Before configuring the sand and stone production line, it is necessary to know the material properties to be treated, such as hardness, size, etc.Consider what kind of crusher and sand machine to be configured according to crushed materials, output requirements and grain size requirements of finished products.The selection of crushing sand making equipment should not only meet the output, but also consider the size of the inlet so as to avoid the material not entering.
2. Understand Your Economic Strength
Economic basis determines the superstructure. When configuring sand and stone production lines, different production lines should be selected according to their investment strength.Don't buy blindly, the best is the one that suits you. Users should configure it according to their actual purchasing power.
Process flow of sand production line
The first step is feeding.
The blasted rock from the hill is fed to the vibrating feeder through a dump truck.
The second step is roughness and fineness.
Vibrating feeder sends the stone evenly to jaw crusher. The first crushing process of E-break is coarse crushing. The rock from E-break is then conveyed to cone crusher or impact crusher by belt conveyor for secondary crushing, i.e. fine crushing.
The third step is sand making screening.
Fine crushed material is sent to sand machine by belt conveyor for fine crushing. Fine crushed material is screened out to different sizes through vibration screen.
Generally speaking, the production line can be completed by the above three steps, but the sand washing machine can be added after fine grinding and screening if the grit content is strictly required.
Configuration of sand production lines with different materials
1. Pebble Sanding Production Line
Pebble characteristics:
The main component of cobblestone is silicon dioxide, which is non-toxic, odorless, and has strong corrosion resistance. It is not only the main material for producing artificial sandstone, but also a green building material.
Configuration of pebble sand production line:
Equipment configuration of a 50-70 ton pebble sand production line is as follows: feeder + fine jaw breaker 2 sets + sand making machine + vibrating screen + sand washing machine + fine sand recovery machine + belt conveyor
2. Granite Sand Production Line
Characteristics of granite:
Granite is hard in texture, high in strength, abrasion resistance and weathering resistance. It is known as the "King of Rock" and a good building material.Granite is rich in resources and has low mining costs but high product value.
Configuration of production line for granite sanding:
Equipment configuration of a 80-130 ton granite sand production line is as follows: feeder + jaw crusher 2 sets + vibrating screen + cone crusher + sand making machine + washing machine + fine sand recovery machine + belt conveyor
3. Quartz Sand Production Line
Quartz rock characteristics:
Quartz rocks, which are mainly composed of silica, are hard, wear-resistant and chemically stable, and are important industrial mineral raw materials.Quartz rock is widely used in glass, building materials and other industries after being crushed and sanded.It is mainly processed and utilized by quartz production line.
Configuration of quartzite sand production line:
Equipment configuration of a 30-45 ton quartz sand production line is as follows: vibration feeder + fine jaw breaker 2 sets + sand making machine + vibration screen + sand washing machine + fine sand recovery machine + belt conveyor
4. Sandstone production line
Sandstone characteristics:
Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, most of which are composed of quartz or feldspar. Sandstone is a widely used building stone.
Configuration of sandstone production line:
Equipment configuration of a 60-80 ton sandstone sand production line is: silo+vibrating feeder+jaw crusher+impact crusher+sand making machine+vibrating screen+sand washing machine+fine sand recovery machine+belt conveyor
5. Limestone Sand Production Line
Limestone characteristics:
Limestone, which is mainly composed of calcium carbonate with medium to low hardness, is often used as building material and raw material for industry.Limestone sand production lines are also very common.
Configuration of limestone sand production line:
Equipment configuration of a 100-150 ton production line for limestone sand making is as follows: silo + vibrating feeder + jaw break + counter break + sand making machine + vibrating screen
When establishing a new machine-made sand production line, the equipment and manufacturer must be selected according to their own needs.In this way, the product line scheme and equipment configuration designed are relatively more reasonable and the product quality is more reliable.

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