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How Does a Concrete Batching Plant Cost in Sri Lanka?


The price of the concrete mixing plant is the customer's most concern. Most people will make a budget before buying a batching plant, the batching plant cost is always affordable according to different requirement. 

What factors affect the price of concrete mixing plant?

1. Types of concrete mixing plant. There are many types of concrete mixing plants currently on the market, the most normally distinguishment is the mobile or stationary. The manufacturing process and performance of different types of equipment are different, so their prices are also different.

2. The price of raw materials. Steel is the skeleton of the concrete mixing plant, especially the special steel consumption of the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant mixer, which directly determines the price of the mixing plant. 90% of a mixing plant is the weight of steel, and a small price increase of steel will affect its ex-factory price.

3. Technical performance. The production capacity and mixing quality of the concrete mixing plant will also affect the price. Therefore, the price of the concrete mixing plant equipment with high performance, low energy consumption and perfect technical design process will be slightly higher than that of the general.

batching plant cost in SriLanka

How to choose a concrete batching plant in Sri Lanka

It is important to fully consider many aspects when purchasing concrete mixing plant equipment. The price is only one aspect, the service life of the equipment is another key point, making a good balance between them will be helpful to find the most suitable concrete mixing plant equipment.

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