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How Does A Concrete Mixing Plant Work


From manual to drum-type mixers, then double-shaft mixers and planetary mixers, the method of mixing concrete is continuing change. With the continuous advancement of technology and the high requirements for environmental protection and energy saving in site design, more and more business owners choose full-automatic concrete mixing plants. So how does the automatic mixing plant work to achieve automated assembly line production?

First, aggregates such as sand and gravel are discharged into the aggregate weighing hopper by the discharge door of the aggregate bin of the batching station for measurement. After the measurement is completed, it is discharged to the running belt and sent by the belt conveyor to the waiting silo on the upper part of the mixer, waiting for the next action. While measuring and conveying the aggregate, the cement powder is conveyed by the screw conveyor to the weighing hopper for measurement. The water is sent to the weighing hopper by the pump, and the admixture also has a special pumping device.

concrete mixing plant

All materials are measured automatically through the operation of the control system. After all materials are measured, the control system issues instructions to feed the mixer in a predetermined order. The host starts to mix the materials to reach the set mixing time. After that, the materials are mixed evenly to form concrete. Open the unloading door of the mixer and unload the concrete into the concrete transport truck waiting for the material to start the next working cycle.

The automatic mixing plant equipment adopts a programmable control system, which can set the ratio scheme of various types of concrete on the computer, and store the corresponding materials in the material storage system to automatically mix and produce different types of concrete.

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