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How Much is the Cement Silo?

Clare posted this article in July 03, 2020

Cement silo is an indispensable equipment for concrete mixing plant, which is used to store powder. So, how many cement silos are generally suitable for a concrete mixing plant?

There are many types of cement concrete mixing plants, but we found that even if they use the same type of cement silo, the number is different. So what mainly affects the number of cement tanks used?

cement silo

  1. It's affected by the distance between the construction site of the concrete mixing plant and the bulk cement plant, if the distance is close, one is enough, or even not needed. Otherwise, several bulk cement silos need to be used.
  2. It's affected by the raw materials used in the construction site of the cement concrete mixing plant, if the raw materials used are fly ash in addition to cement, then at least two cement silos need to be used even if they are close to the bulk cement plant.
  3. This is for the case where the cement concrete mixing plant does not require high output. If the amount of concrete required per hour is relatively large, then the number of fly ash tanks and cement tanks must be increased. This kind of situation is more common in large cement concrete mixing plants, and small cement concrete mixing plants can be properly considered.

How much is the cement silo?

Common cement silos include vertical cement silos and horizontal cement silos, and vertical cement silos are divided into bolt-type cement silo and integrated cement silo. Cement silos are generally 60t and 100t. Horizontal cement silos are generally more expensive than vertical cement silos, and the price may be twice that of the latter. The bolted cement silo is more expensive than the integrated one, its price is about 4570-5140 USD. In addition, the price of screw conveyor is about 500-1000USD.

In general, each type of cement concrete mixing plant has a standard configuration of cement silo. If the customer has special needs, we will also increase or decrease the cement silo to meet customer needs. Camelway is a manufacturer of concrete mixing plant, if you need a concrete mixing plant or cement silo, please contact us.

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