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How Much Area Does the Concrete Batching Plant Need?

Thomas Huang posted this article in September 15, 2020

How many area of land is required for the mixing plant? To construct a concrete batching plant, system design and planning must be carried out first, including site selection and design, equipment purchase, and personnel recruitment are all preliminary preparations. The selection and planning of the site is a prerequisite to ensure the orderly operation of the later concrete mixing plant, so it is very important.

There are many models of concrete batching plants, and different types of concrete mixing plants occupy different areas. Our company covers an area of 20 acres and four lines, and the actual annual output is 900,000 square meters. There is little relationship between floor space and output. The key is to look at the structure of the mixing tower, whether it is compact or dispersed.
Hzs25 small concrete mixing plant is a common mixing equipment. Due to its relatively high construction rate, high material output, rich design, flexibility and so on, it is especially popular among users. Take the area of a small hzs25 concrete mixing plant as an example, we have summarized it for your reference.
HZS25 concrete mixing plant is a veritable small mixing plant. It is the smaller one in the family of small concrete mixing plants suitable for building roads and shopping malls in villages. The 25 mixing station covers an area of 11693mm in length, 13060mm in width, and 17245mm in height, which is equal to 152.7108 square meters. This value is for reference only.

How many area of land does the concrete mixing plant need?

To build a small concrete mixing plant, the site must be planned and designed in the early stage. This is a prerequisite to ensure the orderly operation of the later concrete mixing plant, so it is very important. The planning of the site must first determine the overall area, and then plan the area of equipment, sand and gravel, office area, parking area, etc. The following is an introduction to the area of the mixing plant of individual customers of camelway:
   40000 square meters of Jinshun commercial concrete in Huaiyang County, Henan Province
   Linzhou Xinlei Commercial Concrete Co., Ltd. occupies an area of 20,000 square meters, with a total investment of more than 30 million RMB
   Linzhou City builds a mixing plant with a customer of 10666.6 square meters
   Sichuan Zining Commercial Concrete Mortar Mixing Station Covering an area of 34,333 square meters
   Zhejiang Jianta Commercial Concrete Component Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 12 million RMB. Covering an area of 93333 square meters
There is no actual standard for how many acres of a concrete mixing plant need. It needs to be determined according to your investment scale and the manufacturer’s station construction plan. Please contact me and tell us your site construction situation according to your needs. Share your construction plan, floor space and quotation of the mixing plant.

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