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How Much Does It Cost To Build a Concrete Batching Plant And What is the Profit?

Thomas Huang posted this article in September 09, 2020

Nowadays, the urban and rural economy is developing rapidly, and the urban and rural construction is in full swing. Many investors see the opportunity and invest in Concrete batching plant equipment. Investors are bound to know how much money is needed to invest in concrete batching plant? What is the profit? As a professional cement mixing plant manufacturer, I will share with you today.
Concrete batching plant
How much does it cost to build a concrete batching plant?
The output of different types of concrete mixing plants is different. Investors must first choose a suitable mixing plant model according to their own site, economy, etc. The camelway mixing plant production line currently has hzs25, hzs35, hzs50, hzs60, hzs75, hzs90, hzs120, hzs180 , Hzs240 and other models are available for investors to choose. If the customer doesn't know much about the concrete mixing plant, camelway has professional mixing plant engineers to help you, and can also customize the cement mixing plant production line plan for you.
Different types of mixing plants have different prices. Investors need to choose a suitable mixing plant model according to their actual situation, and then consult camelway customer service. We will give you detailed information and price list of the mixing plant. Of course, when you are not sure how to choose a suitable mixing plant, camelway engineers will recommend you a suitable mixing plant model.
What is the profit of building a concrete mixing plant?
Let’s take hzs60 commercial concrete mixing plant as an example. It takes about 600,000 RMB to build the station. It can produce 200,000 RMB cubic meters of concrete a year. The price of concrete varies from place to place. If each cubic meter of concrete makes a net profit of 50 RMB, the hzs60 mixing plant can net a year. Earning 10 million RMB is a high-return investment project.

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