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How Much Does it Cost to Build A Small Concrete Mixing Plant

Clare posted this article in May 28, 2020

If you want to invest small concrete business, a small-scale commercial concrete mixing plant is a good choice, such as hzs25, Hzs35, hzs50, and hzs60 batching plant. All these mixing equipment has a relative lower price. Customers can choose different types of mixing equipment according to the actual situation, but no matter which type small mixing plant is, it must have the characteristics of simple configuration, simple operation, small footprint and convenient movement. So the initial cost of the cocnrete plant is relatively small, suitable for a limited budget customer investment.

small cocnrete plant

How much does it cost to build a small concrete mixing plant?

It depends on the client's investment budget and equipment configuration requirements. Although the configuration of the small mixing plant is simple, but there are also some key parts that is expensive and shold not be ignored.

A set of standard configuration of small mixing plant includes aggregate lifting bucket machine, mixing host, batching machine, metering device, control system and other configuration components. The metering system must use high-quality sensors, butterfly valves and other electronic components.

How much does a specific small-scale mixing plant cost

Most dependents on the batch plant model size and the configuration level. The more you invest, the better the small batching plant is, and a good batch plant must respond with excellent mixing quality, stable performance and good profit. Leave your investment budget and equipment configuration requirements, we will send you the exact quote.

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