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How Much is hzs50 Concrete Mixing Plant ?


Since the concrete mixing plant has been put into use, it has been playing an important role in the building materials industry, which makes many people want to know the price and equipment information of the hzs50 concrete mixing plant.

How much is hzs50 concrete mixing station ? 

What's its classification ?

How to choose this equipment ?


The price of the mixing station is determined according to the choice of equipment configuration. The price of different equipment is naturally different. You can leave your equipment requirement to us or contact us by what's app,  and we will give you accurate prices according to your needs.

hzs50 batching plant Classification of concrete mixing plant

1. According to its different structure, it can be divided into two types: mobile mixing plant and fixed mixing plant. The construction site is more suitable for mobile concrete mixing plants.

2. According to different operation forms, it can be divided into continuous type and periodic type. Continuous feeding and discharging are operated continuously. The periodic feeding and discharging system is carried out in a certain cycle. The currently widely used form is periodic.

Selection principle of hzs50 concrete mixing plant

Forced mixer has good mixing quality, strong overload capacity, no segregation of discharge, high production efficiency, and it can adapt to concrete mixing with various properties. Commercial concrete mixing plants generally uses forced mixers, but its structure is more complicated and the cost of use is higher. Forced mixers are divided into double-horizontal shaft, single-horizontal shaft, single vertical shaft and planetary type. Due to the good mixing performance, high production efficiency, good adaptability, outstanding structural characteristics and good reliability, the double horizontal shaft mixer is very suitable for commercial concrete production. Single horizontal shaft mixer and single vertical shaft mixer that are the applicated for commercial concrete mixing equipment has become less and less. The application of planetary mixers is more common in exported equipment.

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