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How Much is the Concrete Batching Plant ?

2020-05-261Thomas Huang

Before investing in a concrete batching plant, you need know how much the concrete batching plant is, and also need clearly the whole investment cost. In fact, building a batching plant is much less than investing in a batching plant, because building a mixing plant only requires the purchase the suitable equipment which can be installed. Howeve, there are many places need investment must be included. Today we will calculate it and see how much it costs to invest in a concrete mixing plant.

1. The raw material cost of the mixing plant: the cost of all materials such as cement, sand, sand, crushed stone, fly ash, mineral powder, admixtures, etc. This can be calculated relatively easily based on the mix ratio and the unit price of raw materials.

2. Freight cost: mainly for the fuel consumption of various vehicles, mainly including the cost of mixer trucks, pump trucks, loading trucks, etc., which can generally be calculated through statistics.

3. Employee wages: The total wages of employees in general concrete mixing plant units are still linearly related to the amount of production, which depends on the wage level of each place and the situation of each enterprise.

4. Equipment depreciation: These need to be considered is the depreciation period, for example,it is set to recover the cost within 5 years, which is the total equipment / five-year estimated output, which is the depreciation cost of equipment in each square of concrete.

5. Marketing expenses: Including all expenses incurred by the marketing department during the sales process of the concrete mixing plant (catering, entertainment, rebates, etc.), this expense should be controlled within a range.

6. Water, electricity, and communication costs: including water, electricity, and communication costs incurred during the production of the concrete mixing plant and employees' lives and work in the unit, which is relatively fixed.

7. Expenses of consumables: Expenses of certain consumables in concrete mixing station, such as pump tube, S valve, etc., mixer truck oil, oil filtration, air filtration, tire consumption, etc. (the same for pump trucks and loading trucks) , Forced mixer liner, mixing arm, oil, etc.

8. Inspection cost: mainly the annual inspection cost of the weighing platform and test equipment of the concrete mixing station, and the inspection cost of the inspection station.

The above is the investment of concrete mixing plant. In addition to equipment investment, various operating costs need to be considered. 


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