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How's the Efficient of Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck?


The concrete mixer truck all-in-one machine is a mechanical truck that integrates loading, mixing and unloading to produce concrete. It's convenient to get clear how much concrete should be produced according to the raw materials are in hand. One self-loading mixer can replace a forklifts, transport trucks, pump trucks that previously required for concrete production.


The new machine brings new changes. While the self-loading concrete mixer truck has won many eyeballs, many foremen can't help considering how efficient it is? Anyway, it looks not big.

First of all, the self loading concrete mixer truck integrated machine realizes the integration of multi-step and multi-purpose vehicles, which saves the waste of time between connecting multiple steps. 

Secondly, the whole process of loading and mixing only takes more than ten minutes, and the specific discharge volume depends on the size of the self-loading mixer vehicle model.

Self-loading Concrete Mixer car integrated machine, the 1.6 square car can discharge about 6.4 square meters in one hour, about 16 tons of concrete. The 2.0 square car can discharge about 8 square meters in one hour, about 20 tons of concrete. And the 4.0 square car in one hour can produce about 16 square meters, about 40 tons of concrete. It achieves high efficiency with less time, labor and cost.

SELF LOADING MIXERSSELF LOAD MIXERself load mixer partself load mixer parts

It can transport the concrete while stirring at the same time, and the concrete can also be unloaded while walking, so the time is greatly shortened, and the project efficiency is greatly improved. Especially for projects with tight schedules, it is a godsend!

Nowadays, with the rapid development of modern technology, keeping up with the trend is the hard truth of development. Someone has already took measures to replace concrete machine, others has bought new concrete mixers, what are you waitting for?

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