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How to become a qualified operator?


1. Familiar with the function and performance of each component of the mixing plant

Only by knowing the working performance and operating conditions of the mixing plant to be operated can it be operated and used correctly. When problems occur, they can be discovered and eliminated in time.

Understand the operation principle of each part of the equipment, grasp the maintenance status and degree of equipment, and the use status of the equipment. For example, the working pressure range of the air compressor, the intact condition of the batching machine, and the deviation of the belt. Only by knowing the condition of the equipment can production safety and stability be ensured.

The specific knowledge will be described in the operating instructions.

2. Master the function and operation of each control component

The concept of the functions of the various control components of the mixing station must be clear, and the correct operating sequence and operating procedures must be mastered. Only in this way can it be handled correctly in case of emergency and avoid operating errors which may cause equipment damage and material loss.

The main points of the basic mixing process are as follows:

1. The site is kept clean, drainage is unblocked, and relevant signal connections are unblocked;

2. The feeding system should prevent aggregates from entering the operating mechanism; generally sand and cement cannot be fed in the same pipe trough; the materials in the hopper, pipe trough and other parts should be unloaded each time, and shall not be kept for the next feeding.

3. One feeding and multiple feeding can be used for feeding. One feeding is to put the materials into the mixer according to a certain process sequence, but it is not allowed to throw cement first, so as to avoid cement sticking to the shaft; in order to prevent cement from being wrapped by water to form cement balls during one feeding , The cement and gravel should be mixed first to disperse the cement, and then pour water; mixing concrete for many times, also called shell-making concrete, its feeding operation is more complicated, and it requires a program in the mixing station and mixing building. Special processing can be achieved.

4. During operation, the first is to control the measurement accuracy and mixing time to ensure that the process requirements are met; the second is to check for abnormalities and failures, such as whether there is water leakage or slurry leakage at the discharge port, and timely repairs if there are abnormalities and failures.

5. The concrete must be cleaned before the shutdown; after the work is completed, before the shutdown, apply a small amount of stones and wash the mixer with clean water; at the same time, clean the mixing site. In the event of a sudden power failure or shutdown, the concrete in the host should be cleaned out in time with care.

6. Safety All personnel must abide by operating procedures and safety precautions to ensure safe production.

3. The operator shall comply with the following production process:

A. Before production, you must receive a production task notice and execute it in strict accordance with the content of the task list; when there are multiple task orders at the same time, be clear-headed, and the mixed concrete must correspond to the delivery order;

B. Before mixing, check whether the types of materials correspond to the controlled parts, and whether the quality of the materials can meet the requirements; check whether the equipment is in normal condition and ready.

C. Whether it is necessary to adjust the proportion of sand and gravel according to the moisture content; whether the overshoot, feeding sequence and mixing time need to be adjusted.

D. Because the first tank has mortar adhered to the mixer, consider whether to compensate for sand, cement and stone reduction.

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