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How to Build Concrete Mixing Plant in Highway Construction

Clare posted this article in September 10, 2020

In highway construction, the concrete mixing plant is a place where concrete is mixed for structural concrete. In the early stage of construction, it is used as the main station construction. The concrete mixing plant construction process is as follows.

1. Carry out the planning and layout of the site, excavate the foundation according to the layout requirements, strengthen the foundation, and carry out the bearing capacity test to ensure the stability of the foundation.

concrete plant installation

2. Determine the position of the foundation of the mixer according to the size, stake out, make steel bars, install templates, pour concrete, and embed anchor bolts.

concrete plant installation (2)

3. The concrete is poured by a chute, and the concrete is loaded into the warehouse by a backhoe, and the concrete is vibrated and compacted manually, and the casting thickness is strictly controlled. Vibrate carefully around.

concrete plant installation (3)

4. Wait until the poured concrete reaches the design strength, remove the mold, maintain it, and strengthen protection during the process to prevent damage.

concrete plant installation (5)

5. Waiting for the design strength of the foundation part, use a backhoe to backfill the earth and stone materials to the design height, layer by layer, and compact the surrounding area.

concrete plant installation (6)

6. As required by the installation plan, use automobile hoisting pillars, main engine, cement tanks, belts and other components to ensure that all equipment is installed in place.

concrete plant installation (1)

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