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How to Caculate the Price of RMC Plant CAMELWAY

2020-05-191Thomas Huang

May you have been worked many years in the concrete batching plant industry, it still is not easy to known the price of the concrete batching plant due to the varies factors. In order to estimate you should understand what factors should be considered first.

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There are many factors that affect the price of concrete mixing plants such: plant type, production capacity, brand and delivery cost. Considering the huge amount of money you will invested, the last factor is usually ignored. There are basically two types of plants: fixed plants and mobile plants. In general, fixed factories are cheaper than mobile factories of the same capacity due to the mobile factories must be equipped with expensive trailers. But moving a fixed plant will takes more time than moving a mobile plant. So not only cosider the price ,but also need choose according to your needs. The capacity of fixed plants varies from 25 to 240m3 / h, The capacity of mobile plants is between 25 and 75 cubic meters per hour, due to it is difficult to drag larger capacity plants anywhere. Now, you should choose the capacity according to your requirement and budget、area、return time 、maintenance service etc. The last and important is the brand, your decision on the brand accounts for 85% of the price of the concrete batching plant.

To estimate the rough price of a concrete batching plant HZS25 (example, fixed type ), First need to contact several suppliers at the beginning. Needless to say, famous brands mean high prices, as you known additional advertising costs are added to the factory cost. On the other hand, famous brands do provide you with better service. You can get quotes from well-known brands first, then get quotes from ordinary brands, compare with them, then make the best choice based on your budget.

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