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How to Choose to A Concrete Batching Plant ?

Thomas Huang posted this article in September 22, 2020

How to avoid thunder when choosing a mixing plant, for example, choose a 180-type mixing plant, which is mostly used in commercial mixing stations. The js3000 mixer is used as the mixing host, so it is often called a three-party mixing station by users. So how do you choose to buy this type of mixing plant? How can you avoid stepping on thunder?
Type 180 concrete mixing plant equipment details
A set of basic hzs180 mixing plant, the main equipment included in addition to the JS3000 compulsory twin-shaft mixing host, also includes PLD4800 two to four bin batching machine, screw conveyor, cement bin, belt conveyor system, dust removal system , Water supply system, control system, etc. It has a theoretical production capacity of 180 cubic meters per hour, which can meet the production needs of large and medium-sized commercial mixing plants and large and medium-sized prefabricated component plants. It is also widely used in large and medium-sized construction projects such as high-speed railways, highways, bridges, and docks.
How to avoid minefields in 180 type mixing plant
At present, there are many equipment manufacturers of mixing plant, which makes the choice of manufacturers become a big problem in purchasing mixing plant. In this regard, we camelway put forward a few suggestions for your reference:
1. Investigate the scale of manufacturers. On-site inspection of the scale of the manufacturer, the large scale of the manufacturer indicates that the manufacturer has a strong production strength in the construction machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, and has a series of relatively complete rules and regulations to ensure the quality of equipment, such as equipment installation And debugging, operation training and maintenance of wearing parts.
2. Check product quality. When buying a mixing plant, the price is not the most important, the most important is the quality of its equipment. While investigating the mixing plant manufacturer, we must go to the manufacturer to check on the manufacturer’s technical level and equipment quality. At the same time, we must look at the actual cases of the manufacturer. There must be actual cases near the manufacturer. , You can check it out to understand the performance, quality and production status of its equipment.
3. Whether it has a complete after-sales system. Perfect after-sales service is the basic guarantee of the equipment. Check whether the manufacturer has a complete after-sales service system. After all, the operation of the mixing plant is also more complicated, if the equipment fails. A timely and reliable after-sales service is extremely important for the production and operation of the mixing plant.

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