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How to Control the Investment Cost of Concrete Mixing Plant

Clare posted this article in May 23, 2020

Concrete plays a decisive role in the engineering construction industry, which is related to the quality, safety, civilization and cost of the project, as well as the people's own safety and property security, and is the leading lifeline of construction engineering. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the construction industry market, construction engineering projects have sprung up like mushrooms. With the characteristics of high construction cost, fast operation speed, low bid price and low profit margin, so the cost control of concrete is particularly important for the whole investment.

So how to control the investment cost of concrete mixing plant?

The control of raw materials is directly related to the quality of co ncrete. If you want to strictly control the entry of raw materials, you have to start from the source. The main points are as follows:

  1. All large-scale raw materials are all bidding and bidding, comparing at least three price lists, feedback analysis of the quotation, select the best cooperation units with strength.
  2. Establish a complete raw material procurement plan and approval system. Achieve the control of planning, procurement, and approval process.
  3. Establish a strict management system for entry and exit inspection. The material staff strictly controls whether the quantity, quality, standards and plans of the raw materials entering the site are consistent with the plan.

    large batching plant

Strengthen the process control of raw materials and equipment, strictly grasp every link, not miss every detail, and reduce the cost of the concrete mixing plant.

  1. Strengthen the maintenance of incoming raw materials to prevent secondary pollution, so as not to cause waste of raw materials
  2. Conduct profit and loss analysis and accounting, weekly statistics, monthly summary, and always grasp the difference between raw materials and concrete;
  3. The process control of the equipment, strengthen the process flow control, rationally allocate vehicles, improve equipment maintenance, keep the equipment always in good condition, and strictly prohibit the operation with disease that causing irrational waste of concrete.

The cost control of the cocnrete mixing plant is a long-term and arduous task. We should continue to strengthen and improve the areas where there are deficiencies, seek feasible solutions, and provide a basic guarantee for further strengthening the fine management of the mixing plant and increasing the cost of the enterprise.

The Concrete Batching Plant for Chinese High-speed Railway is a good example for efficient control of concrete mixing plant, click it to know more.

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