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Horizontal Cement Silo for Sale


There is a client, his company would be interested into horizontal cement silo. Silo should be able to store 100t of cement. He has attached some picture of his bathing plant and schematic drawing. They plan to put cement silo on to 6 concrete collumns. In around 15-18 meter height.

They still have not decided if they will dose directly to weighing system or to bunker. As now he delivers cement to bunker and them it falls from bunker to weigthing system to weight how much it need.

They need suggestions which option would be better? As they deliver it to weighting system direcly they can probably put cement silo in 15 meter height, or if they put in bunker then they need to mount it higher in around 18 meter height or use more conveyor screws.

cement silo for sale

They would like to get 2 offers.

1. If possible to make 1 big cement silos. 120-140 t. With 2 unloading conveyor screws 6 meters. cement silo, has to have 2 loading and unloading position. So we can store 2 different type of cement

2. Offer 2 silos. Each is 60-70 t. Each one has to have 1 unloading conveyor screws 6 meters. silos will be stationary, they will not be movable. No weighting system is necessary in silo. But they need vibration, aeration, dust filter, level monitor, and what everything else is necessary to use it for their batching plant to deliver cement.

I sent him the commercial quote, and I also describe what are disadvantages and andvantages of horizontal cement silos over vertical. if you also want to know more information about the Horizontal Cement Silo, please contact me.

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