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How to Lay Out the Concrete Mixing Plant on Site?

Clare posted this article in July 02, 2020

The concrete mixing plant serves as the core machinery at the construction site, and many corresponding tasks are carried out around it. A reasonable layout can not only reduce the floor space, but also improve the coordination of various departments and improve the overall work efficiency. The layout of the large concrete mixing plant requires many departments to negotiate, and finally the engineer will come up with a plan. So what are the conventional layout patterns of small concrete plants?

  1. The batching machine and mixer of the small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants are on a horizontal line and rely on a flat belt conveyor for aggregate transportation. Although this method of arrangement increases the transportation distance, in fact, the batching effect is high, and the belt conveyor is transporting aggregate. At the time, the batching machine can continue the batching, and the mixer continues to mix without affecting each other.
  2. The batching machine of the small and medium-sized concrete mixing plant is below the mixer. This arrangement makes the distance between the batching machine and the mixer shorter, thereby reducing the occupied space. However, because of the high vertical distance, the use of vertical belt conveyors will cause serious material spilling. At this time, the hopper elevator is generally used for batching. Compared with the previous model, the batching efficiency of this mode of small and medium-sized concrete mixing plant is slightly lower.
  3. Some small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants are dual-machine stations. The layout of the general batching machine and the mixer is almost the same as the first layout. The difference is that the number of batching machines is different. You can use one batching machine, and two batching machines can be used.

Generally speaking, the layout of small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants is also related to the specific topography of the construction site, which needs to be adapted to local conditions and make suitable plans for customers.

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