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How to maintain the concrete mixing plant in winter?


When winter comes, the weather is getting colder and colder, but we still need to use the concrete mixing plants in winter. However, when the temperature is very low in winter, you should pay much attention to maintenance when using concrete mixing plants. So how should you maintain the concrete mixing plant in winter?

1. After the concrete mixing plant is shut down, all liquids in the pump, the water tank and admixture need to be discharged as soon as possible to prevent the water from freezing the machinery and pipelines in the water tank.

2. When the concrete mixer stops working for more than 4 hours, the compressed water and airbag water should be drained away to prevent the water from condensing after compression.

3. If the diagonal belt has a sprinkler or a belt conveyor idling, it should be allowed to be scraped onto the water surface by the cleaning belt after a period of production, to extend the service life of the belt conveyor, and the vertical tension weight should be adjusted accordingly. .

4. When the horizontal conveyor belt is not used for a long time, it should be started regularly, because water will drip from the bunker to the level on the conveyor belt.

5. The electrical components of the concrete mixing station are opened half an hour before the work of the machinery and control system at each production site.

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