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How to Make Sand Machine Longe Life ?

Thomas Huang posted this article in June 30, 2020

With the increase in demand for building sand and gravel, the application of sand making machines is becoming more and more extensive, but inevitably encounters various problems in operation. The lighter ones reduce the production efficiency, and the heavy ones directly shorten the service life of the equipment. Affect the economic benefits. In the operation of sand making machines, which ones are prohibited and which must be done? You will understand after reading the following!
14 prohibited
 1. It is forbidden to pass iron.
 2. It is forbidden to start or stop with materials.
 3. It is forbidden to run the machine with overcurrent or low voltage.
 4. It is forbidden to continue the operation when the machine has abnormal noise.
 5. Check and adjust the machine when the machine is prohibited from running.
 6. Eccentric feeding of the machine is prohibited.
 7. It is forbidden to enter large materials in the crushing chamber (exceeding the maximum feed size specified by the equipment).
 8. It is forbidden to run the crusher when the lubricating oil is below 15℃.
 9. It is forbidden to run the crusher when the oil return temperature is higher than 60℃.
 10. It is forbidden to run the crusher when the lubricating oil filter is blocked.
 11. It is forbidden to run the crusher when the alarm light of the lubrication station is on.
 12. It is forbidden to throw the crusher unbalancedly.
 13. It is forbidden to start one motor before starting another motor (for double-electric mechanism sand machine).
 14. It is forbidden to run the crusher without interlocking the electric cabinets of the lubrication station and the host computer.
9 must
 1. The feed must be centered and uniform. (Per class)
 2. The lubricating filter must be checked for iron filings. (weekly)
 3. The oil level of the lubricant must be checked. (Per class)
 4. The wear of wearing parts must be checked. (Per class)
 5. The status of all bolts and fasteners must be checked. (Per class)
 6. You must check whether the two motors have the same running current. (Per class)
 7. The tension of the V-belt must be checked. (Per class)
 8. The contamination of lubricating oil must be checked. (weekly)
 9. After replacing the accessories, the swing wheel must be balanced dynamically to operate the crusher. (After each replacement of accessories)
Remarks: Each shift is 8 hours of machine work.


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