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how to deal with construction waste?

Angela posted this article in July 03, 2020

Sand making equipment, with the development of the economy, the level of urbanization in China has gradually improved. The 2010 Shanghai World Expo proposed "City makes life better". Maybe the city was once entrusted with convenient, beautiful, prosperous and other beautiful words. After the reconstruction of the old city, the village in the city has gradually disappeared. We have to face this problem. How should the construction waste be properly disposed after finishing the tall buildings? According to statistics, in 2014, the annual output of construction waste reached 1.5 billion tons, and every 10,000 square meters of new construction produced 400-600 tons of construction waste; every 10,000 square meters of old buildings were demolished, and 5000-7000 tons of construction waste was produced. The scale is so amazing Construction waste, especially the wastes such as muck, scrap metal, muck, crushed stone, waste mortar, brick and tile generated after the demolition of villages in the city. While enjoying civilization, we are also suffering from "garbage siege". Garbage is the displaced resource, and so is construction waste. After being processed by crushing sand making equipment, crushed stones and bricks and tiles can be processed into products of different specifications according to user needs to meet different uses. Conventional use can be used for paving stones, making recycled bricks, recycled concrete, recycled aggregate, etc., which can achieve recycling and protect the environment and improve land use efficiency.


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