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How Much Does A HZS Concrete Mixing Plant Cost


Camelway's HZS series concrete batching plant price is professional, combined with experienced employees, Camelway is one of the world's most respected companies in the field of concrete batching plants. Engaged in concrete machinery manufacturing for more than 30 years, our mission is to carry out modern design to satisfy our friendly customers.

Camelway's main products include concrete mixing plants, crushing plants, asphalt mixing plants, and brick making machines. There are various types of concrete mixing plants with capacities ranging from 20 to 540 m³ per hour. According to customer needs, it can be equipped with one or double mixer.

batching plant

Our 50m 3 concrete plant adopts high-tech design, and hardware and software equipment can also meet customer needs. The computer program integrated in the 50 cubic meter concrete plant allows easy remote control or manual control using the operator. Camelway concrete mixing plant is more affordable than other competitors. We all provide customers with warranty and support services.

The assembly work of the concrete mixing plant is completed in multiple stages

  1. Concrete plant assembly stage 1: Study the assembly site to understand the feasibility and accessibility of the site. One of the most important points is the accessibility of the concrete plant. In order to deliver concrete quickly and save time, the site must be near the city and, if possible, close to the site that provides gravel and cement.
  2. Concrete equipment assembly step 2: This step involves three-phase electrical energy. Having a three-phase power supply is essential. Three-phase electrical is usually only available at industrial sites. If the concrete plant does not have three-phase power, an optional three-phase generator is required.
  3. Concrete equipment assembly step 3: Set up water tower for the site. Even it's negligible when calculating cost prices, water is mandatory.

After verification, we will send you the complete project about the foundation. Types of concrete, cable channels and water pipes. Assembly is free, air tickets, food and accommodation are the customer's responsibility. All our equipment has 2 years warranty and 5 years service.

Capacity of concrete plant and its components

You can find the capacity of the mixer, the capacity of the cement storage bin and the price of each device on the website. You can also email us directly.

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