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hzs35 Concrete Batching Plant for Sale


The hzs35 concrete batching plant is a common small concrete mixing plant with high production efficiency and reliable quality, which is deeply loved by customers. So what core equipment do the hzs35 concrete mixing plants need?

  1. Concrete mixer host. The hzs35 concrete plant uses a JS750 concrete mixer, which is a forced double horizontal shaft mixer. It has two built-in mixing shafts, which have mixing arms and blades, which can play a good role in mixing the mixture. With higher efficiency of 0.75m³ per batch.
  2. Batching machine. The concrete batching machine is simply a sand and gravel storage device and a weighing device. It sends the gravel aggregate required by the concrete to the mixer host through electronic weighing to ensure the quality of the produced concrete. The hzs35 concrete plant uses PLD800 type, which is weighed separately, with good weighing effect and high efficiency.
  3. Control system. As a large-scale concrete mixing equipment, the quality of the control system affects the actual working efficiency of the batching plant. In many cases, the output of the concrete plant does not reach the standard, which is related to the proficiency of the operator. The Camelway hzs35 concrete mixing plant uses an automated system. On the one hand, the dual computer control can share the work burden and allow complex work to be carried out in an orderly manner. On the other hand, after a failure, it does not affect the normal work of the mixing plant and avoids production losses caused by downtime.

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Normally, the screw conveyor pumps used in conjunction with hzs35 station are mostly LSY219*8M and LSY273*8M. JS750 concrete mixer is a smaller in capacity, which is mainly suitable for some small construction sites and projects. The output of the HZS75 concrete mixing plant is more than twice that of the hzs35 plant. According to the calculation of the host JS1500 mixer (the mixer of HZS75), the mixing motor is 60KW, the lifting motor is 18.5KW, the pump motor is 3KW, and the total is 81.5KW. The discharge height of the concrete mixing plant is generally 3.8 meters, but with the change of the concrete truck, it is now adjusted to 4.1 meters.

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