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Clare posted this article in September 08, 2020

Under the background of science and marketization, building construction parties have higher and higher requirements for the quality of concrete. Therefore, when designing concrete mixers, we must pay attention to some of the problems that are easy to exist, and improve the working efficiency of concrete mixers, thereby improving the quality of the concrete.
Concrete can be said to be a very important part of engineering construction and has an important impact on the quality of the building. With the increasing requirements for building quality, the commercial production of concrete has begun to become more professional and concentrated.

js concrete mixer

With more and more urban construction projects and taller buildings, the application of concrete has become more and more extensive, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. The improvement of concrete mixer technology has also promoted the development of the construction industry to a certain extent. Unreasonable mixer design, resulting in high application costs, seriously affect the quality of project construction. The design of the mixer must not only be able to mix sand, stone, cement and water, but also ensure its uniformity, reduce the cost of concrete production as much as possible, improve the quality of concrete, and ensure that the machine is strong and durable.
Camelway is a veteran manufacturer with 37 years of experience in the production of mixers. Its js series mixers have been favored by customers. And according to customer feedback, we constantly update and improve the mixer design. Now our customers are in Africa, South America, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. If you need mixing plant equipment, please contact us for quotation details

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