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Mobile Cement Warehouse for Sale

Clare posted this article in September 24, 2020

The common cement warehouses on the market are divided into vertical cement warehouses, horizontal cement warehouses and bolted cement warehouses. Camelway designs and develops mobile cement silo based on horizontal cement silo. According to international standards, the mobile cement silo is a recent innovation in the concrete production industry.

mobile cement silo

Some features of mobile cement silo:

1. Simple and convenient operation

2. The later inspection and maintenance of the cement silo saves time and effort

3. The height of the mobile cement silo is low

4. Without concrete structure, it can cope with complex terrain

5. The mobile cement silo is integrated and equipped without crane

6. With brake and lighting system

7. Mobile cement installation is equipped with gas system and jack

8. The alarm system reminds that the filter is full

9. Very convenient to move, suitable for working in multiple locations

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