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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Analysis


The most obvious advantages of a mobile concrete plant, it does not require a serious concrete foundation. Install and remove concrete mobile concrete plant equipment within a few hours. Due to the wheeled chassis, the mobile concrete plant has a high transport mobility. The "liquidity" of this plant not only means the compact size of the equipment used, but most importantly, it is possible to transport the entire mixing plant from one construction site to another in a very short time.

The simplicity and convenience of mobile concrete plants are solved by the wheeled chassis. In addition, the obvious advantages of mobile concrete plants include the deployment of concrete products in remote areas in the shortest possible time. Since there is no need to lay the foundation, everything is easy to settle down. In addition, the assembly and start-up of concrete plant takes only a few hours, while the demolition process requires the same time.

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While What's the Disadvantages of a Mobile Concrete Plant ? 

Restrictions on the number of fuel tanks for trailer-mounted mobile concrete plant and its output.

Mobile concrete plants have many obvious shortcomings, like its low productivity. This shortcoming is due to the small capacity of the cement silo and the batching machine. This shortcoming leads to the need for frequent feeding.

Mobile concrete equipment is a high-tech equipment with many complex and innovative solutions. The latter situation makes this equipment impossible to repair on site. The last but important disadvantage of mobile concrete equipment is the limited operator space.

Finally, I would like to say that the above characteristics should not be entirely attributed to shortcomings. First, there are some doubts about the fact that large construction organizations only rely on the productivity of mobile concrete plants when building multi-storey buildings. At the same time, small and medium-sized companies engaged in the field of low-rise buildings, mobile concrete mixing plants will have sufficient productivity. Therefore, the low productivity of mobile mixing plant equipment is not a disadvantage, but a design feature.

By choosing mobile concrete equipment from reputable and responsible manufacturers, you can avoide the shortcomings associated with the maintenance of certain equipment. In this case, the service life of the purchased equipment will be longer, and the need for on-site maintenance will automatically disappear.

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