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Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale

Clare posted this article in July 01, 2020

A mobile concrete plant is a deformation of a fixed concrete mixing plant. It generally uses a truck tractor to tow the chassis to achieve maximum maneuverability and rapid operation. The mobile concrete plant consists of the same units as the fixed concrete plant, but it has better mobility and can better complete construction operations in different regions.

What is a mobile concrete plant?

Since modern times, the demand for concrete in various engineering projects has greatly increased. In order to better produce high-quality and efficient concrete, engineer designed the concrete mixing plant. However, with the advancement of engineering projects, it was found that the traditional fixed concrete mixing plant simply could not meet the site construction conditions. Especially when there is a need for concrete in many areas, the installation and disassembly of the fixed mixing plant is very troublesome and time-consuming. After purchasing the concrete mixing plant, the manufacturer of the mixing plant ships via trailer. Even the smallest bulk concrete plant requires four to five trailers for transportation, and then spends a certain amount of time to install.

After consulting to the old customers and on-site investigation, the mobile concrete mixing plant entered the concrete market. It is very suitable for temporary construction sites or construction projects that only need to use equipment in specific and short parts of the project. Mobile concrete mixing plants are more flexible than stationary mixing plants. Construction companies choose mobile mixing plants to move their factories from one place to another when it is completed.

mobile concrete batching plant

mobile concrete mixing plant for sale

The mobile mixing station is convenient for activities in multiple projects, covers a small area and is extremely durable. Even ready-mixed concrete companies that have extremely high requirements on concrete quality, prefer to use them to provide concrete for large construction projects.

Camelway is a manufacturer of concrete mixing plants, dedicated to providing various types of mobile concrete plants to customers worldwide, and providing suitable solutions for their projects to help customers produce concrete more independently and flexibly.

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