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Normal use procedure of cone crusher


A. Preparation, inspection and permitted operating conditions before driving

1. Check whether the hydraulic oil and lubricating oil levels in the hydraulic and lubrication stations are appropriate (the middle position of the oil mark), whether the oil quality is good, whether the color is normal, and clean the foreign matter in the oil return filter;

2. Whether the oil pipes and joints are leaking;

3. Clean the dust and foreign matter absorbed by the lubricating oil cooler;

4. Clean the dust of the air filter element of the blower;

5. Whether the connecting bolts of each part are tight;

6. Whether the pressure of the accumulator is normal;

7. Whether there is ore deposit in the crushing cavity;

8. Whether the PLC works normally;

9. Whether the upper and lower processes have the conditions for starting the crusher;

10. Normal driving must be started with a computer, not manual operation. Its purpose is to make PLC provide perfect protection function to crusher.

If the above is abnormal, it needs to be processed to normal. Otherwise, do not start the crusher.

B. Items to be checked during operation

1. Closely observe whether the lubricating oil pressure is normal (about 400Kpa), and whether the temperature of the oil tank and return oil is normal;

2. Check whether there are copper or aluminum sheets on the oil return filter of the lubrication station once every 10-15 minutes;

3. Whether the air cooler starts when the oil return temperature exceeds 45°C; whether the air cooler stops running when the oil return temperature is lower than 39°C;

4. When the current exceeds 450A, whether the sound and light alarm;

5. Whether the pressure of the accumulator is normal;

6. Whether the PLC works normally;

7. Whether the pressure of the hydraulic system is normal; whether the adjustment ring bounces normally; if the adjustment ring bounces frequently, it needs to be adjusted;

8. Whether the material supply is normal (the cloth needs to be even, so as to be full to the mine).

C. Parking procedures

The mine must be stopped before parking. After stopping feeding the mine, the current gradually drops to about 140-150A. At this time, you can click the stop button of the crusher motor with the mouse, delay 20 seconds, and the crusher completely stops rotating. Under normal circumstances, it is not allowed to stop with load. After the crusher is completely stopped, the lubrication pump can be stopped after a delay of 10 minutes (when the heater needs to be stopped for a long time, the lubrication pump must be stopped before the heater).

After stopping, clean the equipment dust; if there is any part that needs repair, report to the maintenance personnel in time.


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