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Portable Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Clare posted this article in July 07, 2020

Camelway is a leader in the manufacture of concrete mixing plants, producing various types of mixing plants, including various mobile and stationary mixing plants of various output. Camelway produces a portable concrete mixing plant that is easy to install and can adapt to any environment. This concrete mixing plant not only maintains the highest level of work efficiency, but also allows customers to increase profits.

As a well-known concrete mixing plant manufacturer in the industry, the function and performance of camelway mixing plant far exceeds that of other mixing plant manufacturers in the same industry. The camelway mixing plant can meet all the needs of the concrete industry, because it is designed for projects of different sizes and scales and the price is reasonable, especially portable concrete plants and fixed concrete plants are well received by customers.

Camelway portable mixing station for sale

  1. The structure is simple, the installation and operation are simple, and the customer can quickly put into production, which is very suitable for short-term projects.
  2. Small footprint and strong ability to adapt to the environment
  3. Output 25-150m³/h, suitable for various projects

small concrete plant

What is the composition of the mobile concrete batching plant?

  1. Concrete mixer: Contious Mixer and Double Shaft Mixer
  2. Weighing system: The weighing system has a significant impact on production costs and also determines the quality of the concrete. It is important to control the weighing system with electronic scales and computer systems.
  3. Transportation systems: There are two different types of transportation systems for hoppers and belt conveyors.
  4. Storage system: A storage system, usually called a silo, is made of waterproof and high-quality steel.

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