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Portable Ready Mix Concrete Plant For Sale

Clare posted this article in May 21, 2020

small concrete mixing plants are ideal for companies that want to spend a little money to find high-quality concrete solutions that meet all standards.

Compared with medium-sized concrete plants, small ready mix concrete plants have higher mobility. At the same time, the cost of the complex is relatively smaller, which is particularly important in times of crisis, because in this virus case, small and medium-sized enterprises are in a situation where they cannot diversify their financing. 

There are many complete collections of small ready mix concrete plants with different capabilities and other characteristics. The output is between 20-75 cubic per hour.

At the same time, the quality of the concrete mixture produced is absolutely not inferior to the concrete produced by large stationary concrete plants.

In addition, a small concrete plant is generally preferred because it can be in close proximity to the production site, that is, when the mixture is in optimal condition, the mixture starts to operate immediately after mixing. A special conveyor belt is used to transport the concrete mixture to the construction or pouring site, which is quite efficiency.

small concrete plant

small concrete mixing plants technical characteristics:

1. Double shaft mixer 500-1500 liters, hopper loading.

2. Three warehouse batching machine, each warehouse is 1-3 m3, with pneumatic damper.

3. The material conveyor is located below the hopper. It is 10 meters long and 800 mm wide.

4. Efficient sensor measurement.

5. The sensor load is 2000 kg.

6. Inert feed rate is at least 20-50 m3 per hour

7. Air compressor 270 liters 4 KW.

8. The automatic control system can store more than 100 concrete formulas.

9. Manage the operation of the concrete mixing plant from the container office, where the console and the computer including the printer are installed.

The concrete produced by the small concrete mixing plant has high-quality indicators, and the small concrete mixing plant itself pays off quickly. Send us a request by email and you will get the best solution for producing concrete and concrete products!

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