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Scrap Steel Bar Shearing Machine for Sale

Clare posted this article in October 10, 2020

This machine is a scrap steel bar shearing machine with a side cutter on one side. It is suitable for the processing of scrap steel bars before returning to the furnace. It is a kind of equipment for the short section of the steel. It uses dual heads to discharge at the same time, and one machine doubles effectiveness.

Scrap Steel Bar Shearing Machine is composed of a motor, a gearbox, a reducer, a steel bar discharge port, and a fuselage. The motor starts to drive the reducer to rotate through the triangle belt, and then the reducer is driven by the sprocket to drive the gearbox to cut and continue to work to achieve the role of cutting steel.

  1. Reinforced body, small size, compact structure, solid and buildable.
  2. High efficiency and large output, saving most of the labor.
  3. The feeding system has a high fault tolerance rate and can handle slightly bent steel bars.
  4. Convenient maintenance and repair.

    scrap steel bar shearing machine

Scrap Steel Bar Shearing Machine Features:

  1. This product adopts automatic lubrication device.
  2. The blades are made of special materials, and each blade can be reused 8 times.
  3. Adopt double counterweight wheels, eccentric shaft design, visible oil window.
  4. This machine adopts thickened body and all-copper motor.

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