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Second-hand Cement Silo for Sale


In order to save money, many users will choose the second-hand cement silo to suit concrete mixing plant. For a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturing company, it is not recommended that users use the second-hand cement warehouse equipment.

Second-hand cement warehouses are affordable

In the production process of concrete mixing plant, the benefits of using second-hand concrete mixing plant cement silo are very obvious. Because the price of new cement silo is basically more than 10,00 usd, but using second-hand bulk cement tanks will reduce the money expenditures. Many illegal businessmen use this to make huge profits. Because on the surface, second-hand cement tanks are not much different from new bulk cement tanks.

The actual risk of second-hand cement warehouse

But smart investors will not use second-hand cement warehouses just because they save money. Once the cement silo cut corners in details, the result will be disastrous. The hazards of second-hand cement silos are the root cause of changes in cement and other materials. First of all, a good-quality cement warehouse is durable in preventing caking, dust and moisture. However, if an unknown second-hand cement warehouse is used, its original protection functions such as preventing agglomeration will gradually decrease with the number of times of use, which will cause the prevention of agglomeration and other functions to become weak or even invalid. After the cement tank contains the new cement for a long time, the consequences can be imagined: one is to cause the cement to agglomerate, resulting in waste of raw materials, and the other is that the cement block deteriorates due to environmental factors such as air. As a result, it often leads to problems in the acceptance of a project. Later, it failed to pass the inspection by the inspectors and caused huge economic losses. Damaged the honor of both labor and management.

Many investors generally have the heart to exchange small investments for big benefits. Some investors have played with their cleverness and calculated the choice of second-hand equipment. In some important engineering projects, it's important to make clear where is to save cost and how to save safely. The same is true for cement silos in concrete mixing plants. Although the use of second-hand bulk cement silos can save a lot of costs in the short term, it is still risky in the long run.

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